Careers in Natural Resources Initiative: Inspiring the Next Generation

Initiative Vision: To work collaboratively to create more pathways to enable ALL young adults to be educated, prepared, and qualified to enter and maintain professional, sustainable natural resource careers.

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About the Initiative

Background: The Careers in Natural Resources Initiative grew from an ongoing concern that youth conservation corps face difficulty guiding their alumni into natural resource careers. For alumni who do secure natural resource-related jobs, they do so by utilizing connections rather than accessing a deliberate program or institutionalized methodology. As we researched the issue, we realized that the problem was widespread and affects not only youth corps but many other youth-serving environmental organizations. We also learned that 1) land management agencies have a great need for better qualified candidates and those from non-traditional backgrounds and 2) college and universities have difficulty attracting students from non-traditional populations to their natural resource degree programs.

Leadership: Leadership Colorado Youth Corps Association and the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education have agreed to serve as lead agencies to facilitate this initiative for the next two years. For more information or to get involved contact Lisa Eadens, Career Development Coordinator for CAEE at or 303.273.9527.

Goals and Supporting Projects:

 1. Raise awareness of natural resource careers opportunities for youth and career influencers.

Action 1: Participate in Existing Career Fairs: Initiative partners attended three 8th grade career fairs in 2013 where they distributed information and discussed natural resource careers with more than 2,500 students.

Are you attending a career fair? Download our Career Fair Packet of resources to bring with you!

Action 2: Eighteen high-school student participated in the first "Work Gone Wild Week," a 5-day program that took students on field trips to Barr Lake State Park, CSU in Fort Collins, City Park in Denver, Rocky Mountain National Park, the Marston Water Treatment Plant and Red Rocks Community college to see where natural resource professionals work, hear about their education and training, and participate in hands-on activities representative of what their job entails on a daily basis. Forty-five natural resource staff from 15 government agencies, non-profit organizations and private industry participated in the event.

2. Reduce barriers in applying for local, state and federal jobs.

Action 1: An in-depth "How-To Guide for Pursuing a Career in Natural Resources" was published in June 2014. The resource provides: (1) an overview of the content for easy navigation, (2) the full scope of natural resource careers and the education and training needed for those careers, (3) how to navigate the federal application process and tips for applying for a federal job, and (4) insight into state and local natural resource careers, where and how to apply for open positions and how to be a successful candidate.

Download the new How-To Guide (PDF - 18MB)
View the Guide Online 

3. Increase access to information about natural resource careers and jobs available.

Action 1: A one-stop clearinghouse of jobs and resources related to natural resource careers launched in March 2014. Visitors can search jobs by keyword, location, and job type as well as access related job links and resources.

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