Certified Environmental Educators in Colorado

Certified Master Environmental Educators

Ivan Asin, Center for Art Education and Sustainability

Debbie Bangs,  University Schools

Consuelo Barton, Colorado College

Charlotte Cadow, Colorado College

Nicolai Calabria, Colorado College

Chris Cohen, Aspen Center for Environmental Studies

Betsy Defries

Barrett Donovan, High Mountain Institute

Howard Drossman, Colorado College Environmental Science Program

Ellen Eiriksson

Michelle Finchum, Fort Collins Utilities

Meg John, Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Sarah Johnson, Wild Rose Consulting

Jeff Kagan, Thorne Ecological Institute

Maggie Kehlenbeck

Sarin LoMascolo, Rocky Mountain National Park

Hillary Mason, University of Colorado-Denver

Melissa Mullins, Baylor University

Rani Muthukrishnan, Washington State University

Katie Navin, Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education

Steve Noud, City of Boulder/Keep It Clean Partnership

Jennifer Ortega, Humbolt State University

Mary Palumbo, The Greenway Foundation

Donny Roush, Earth Force, Inc

Sarah Schmitt, Aspen Center for Environmental Studies

Zoë Shark, City of Fort Collins Natural Areas

Gail Smith, Beaver Ponds Environmental Education Center

Kirsten Springer, Wild Bear Mountain Ecology Center

Stephen Taranto, La Paz on Foot

Jen Visitacion, Guidestone

Heather Young, Larimer County Natural Resources

Mike Zawaski, The Observant Naturalist/Teacher's Rock Programs


Honorary Certified Master Environmental Educators

Laura Arndt, Nature Connections

Mary Ann Bonnell, City of Aurora Parks Recreation and Open Space

Mike Blakeman, San Luis Valley Env & Conservation

Roxanne Brickell-Reardon, Impact Conservation Services

Thomas Cleary 

Shawna Crocker, Colorado State Forest Service-Project Learning Tree

Mark DeGregorio, National Park Service - Rocky Mountain National Park

Kathy Fennell, Eaglecrest High School

Leigh Gillette, Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Francesca Giongo, Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Boulder County Parks & Open Space

Wendy Hanophy

Kim Langmaid

Betsy Leonard

Judy Lopez, Rio Grande Watershed Association Of Conservation Districts

Sue Schafer, City of Fort Collins Natural Areas

Dave Sutherland, City of Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks

Charlie Warren, Flagstaff Academy Charter School


Certified Environmental Educators

Koki Atcheson, Colorado College

Alex Banuelos

Kait Bashford, Greenway Foundation

Jeremy Becker

Autumn Bjugstad, Greenway Foundation

Michele Bratschun, Rocky Mountain National Park

Genevieve Buzan-Dansereau

Kay Caranta

Victoria Crystal

Sian Cuffy-Young, Siel Environmental Services Ltd.

Aiden Dempsey

Laura Farrell

Mary Joyce Fink, Poudre School District

Laura Friedli

Julianne Gagnon, Greenway Foundation

Alicia Goddard, Lory State Park

Betsy Haddox

Hallie Harness

Atiya Harvey, Colorado College

Jeannette Honanie, Hopi Footprints 

Jill Katzenberger, Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Cedar Keshet, North Fork River Improvement Association (NFRIA)

Rebecca Koopman

Kyle Koyle

Nick Kramer

Melanie Lewis, Children's Musuem of Denver

Emma Malin, Larimer County Conservation Corps

Patrick Marti, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

Amy May, Greenway Foundation

Alison McGarigal, Colorado College

Feza Ngandu

Holly Nickel, Rocky Mountain National Park

Amy Olsen, Lookout Mountain Nature Center

Andrew Padgett

 Tina Person, Wildwood School

Abigail Philbrick

Katie Phillips, Rocky Mountain National Park

Sharon Reuth

Erika Rodriguez, Earth Force, Inc

Anneliese Rohane

Karen Sizelove-Murphy, Explore2LIVE

Brianna Stevens

Helena Thatcher

Dustin Waite

Roxanne Warner, Newlon Elementary

Siqi Wei, Colorado College

Christie Wilkins, Rocky Mountain National Park

Rebecca Williams, Colorado College

CAEE works to ensure everyone in Colorado has an opportunity to learn about the environment where they live. We value inclusiveness and welcome everyone to the field of environmental education.

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