CEEP Partners

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Putting the Colorado Environmental Education Plan into Action

The Colorado Environmental Education Plan (CEEP) outlines the strategies necessary to connect educators with the tools, resources, training and expertise they need to advance environmental literacy.  Partners are anyone and everyone who is supporting the goals in the plan.

As a partner you can:

  • Share information and data about how you are advancing CEEP Goals
  • Share information, provided by CAEE, about www.coloradoee.org, an online resource tool for educators to find environmental education resources, programs, and professional development.
  • Share the efforts of schools and teachers on the Colorado Green Schools Map at www.caee.org/resources/colorado-green-schools.
  • Post your resources and programs at www.coloradoee.org.

Your information and data will help us demonstrate how the CEEP is being implemented across the state and build support for environmental education.  

To see more about the goals and strategies in the plan visit www.tiny.cc/ceep.
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The National Project for Excellence in Environmental Education was initiated by NAAEE in 1993. The project has produced a series of documents that provide systematic guidance for the development of quality environmental education curricula and programs. In addition, the Guidelines have helped the field of environmental education develop credibility within Congress, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations across the country.

Thank you for providing information about your work.  You can help us gather even more data about environmental education in the state by entering your programs and resources in the online EE directory at www.coloradoee.org.