Colorado Green Schools Network

The Colorado Green Schools Network is an opportunity for schools and teachers to connect throughout the state. Through the Colorado Green Schools Network, teachers, administrators, students and parents can: 

  • Network with other green schools in Colorado
  • Communicate with others, ask questions and share resources on the Green Schools List serve
  • Find resources for your green school efforts
  • Learn about training and conference opportunities for professional development
  • Find local partners to work with your school on your green efforts
  • Help leaders and decision-makers understand what schools are doing
  • Get a free one-year teacher membership to CAEE for sharing what you are doing!

Who can Join?

  • Any PreK-12 Teacher, School, or Administrator can join for free!
  • If you are doing something to green your school in any way, whether it’s a small club or school-wide initiatives, you can join.


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What is a Colorado Green School?

Colorado Green Schools are part of a green school community here in Colorado as well as the Green Schools National Network.  We are working together to build shared practices and support efforts and innovations in schools across Colorado that lead to healthier, sustainable and environmentally literate schools. 

According to the Green Schools National Network, a Green School enhances student health and learning while conserving natural resources and empowering students to develop sustainable behaviors, enabling them to become the stewards of the future.  A Colorado Green School is also working to implement strategies included in the Colorado Environmental Education Plan. 

What do Green Schools look like?

Becoming a green school is not a prescribed journey; it is a series of conscious actions that lead to more ecological and sustainable practices.  The National Green Schools Network has developed the “GreenPrint” as a road map for leaders, teachers and students to begin to implement core practices immediately.  Core practices include:

  • Curriculum that Advances Environmental Literacy and Sustainability
  • Stewardship and Service Learning
  • Sustainable Facilities Design and Management
  • Health and Well Being 
  • Strong Partnerships and Networks

Download the “Green Print”.  

Join the conversation about Green Schools!

The Colorado Green Schools google group will serve as a way for members of the group to communicate, share information and resources, and ask questions of the rest of the group.  You will receive posts by email from the address  You can also email the whole group by sending a message to

Let's build our network! To request an invitation to the group visit

Where can I get resources to help with my efforts?

Search the EE Directory for over 350 different programs and resources in Colorado.

Check out the EE in Schools Toolkit. 

Click here to check out a case studies report about Colorado public schools that have implemented exceptional school-wide environmental education programs.

Find Resources and tools at the Colorado Green Schools Initiative at the Colorado Chapter of the US Green Building Council’s Website.

PLT Green Schools

National Wildlife Foundation's US EcoSchools

Please let us know if you have resources and tools to add by emailing

How can you be recognized for your efforts as a Green School?

Apply for a CAEE Award for Excellence in Environmental Education.  Nominations are due in the fall. 

Apply to be a part of the Environmental Leadership Program through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Apply for national recognition through the US Department of Education’s National Green Ribbon Award Program.  

Green Ribbon Schools Program

The Green Ribbon Schools program was recently launched by the U. S. Department of Education to recognize schools that save energy and reduce operating costs, create environmentally friendly learning spaces, promote student health, and provide environmental education to incorporate sustainability into the curriculum.

 To be eligible for this award, Green Ribbon Schools will have achieved or made considerable progress toward the three pillars established in the program: 1) energy efficient buildings; 2) healthy students and school environment; and 3) environmental literacy of all students. The combined achievement in these three areas will be the basis for the Green Ribbon Schools award. All schools must meet high college- and career-ready standards, be in compliance with federal civil rights laws, and all federal, state and local health and safety standards and regulations.

While the award confers no federal funds, winners of the Green Ribbon, like Blue Ribbon Schools, may experience national and local press coverage, re-energized staff and parents, enhanced community support, increased application rates, and new private financial assistance. Winners will be invited to participate in national and local recognition ceremonies.

Apply for Green Ribbon Recognition

Individual School and District applications can be found on the Colorado Department of Education website. For more information and to apply, visit:

2014 Green Ribbon School Application - PDF

2014 Green Ribbon School Application - Word

2014 Green Ribbon District Application - PDF

2014 Green Ribbon District Application - Word

2014 Green Ribbon Application Attachment A - PDF

Apply to be a Reviewer

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