2018 Conference Opening Keynote:

A New Map for EE: Culturally Engaged Environmental Education In A Time of Political and Social Turmoil

We are living through a time of tectonic cultural shifts in the U.S. We’ve got Trump as president but we witnessed the massive Women’s March of 2017 and the rise of the #MeToo movement. We’re seeing widespread levels of science denial and the dramatic rise of the “alt-right,” but we’ve also seen the emergence of Occupy, Black Lives Matter and Standing Rock. To what extent does this matter to environmental education? While it might make sense to feel that these cultural shifts are outside our zone of responsibility as educators, we may be missing key opportunities to help EE grow and develop. In this interactive presentation, I’ll be offering a new way of reading the EE landscape that helps us understand how environmental education is full of resources to help us tap into the powerful energy of our time.

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Maria Talero headshot

Maria Talero, Founder and Principal

Climate Courage LLC

Maria Talero is a Colombian, bilingual, Denver-based climate change educator, facilitator and consultant. She is a former career philosophy professor who left her academic position to apply her research (in an area of cognitive science called embodied cognition) to the field of climate change communication and public outreach. As founder and principal of Climate Courage, LLC, she offers consulting, leadership trainings, workshops and public speaking to non-profits, schools and communities of faith in Colorado. She is a 2014 NAAEE Community Climate Change Fellow through the EECapacity program and is the recipient of CAEE’s Outstanding Environmental Educator Award for 2017.  

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